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Data and Digital Freedom Report - learnings for all

In 2022 the Black Global Trust team conducted research on Data and Digital Freedom with the help of a Foundation, TSIP and a small advisory group. The work focused on exploring the question of defining and understanding what Digital and Data Freedom was, and what might be a set of recommendations to help improve people's access to digital and data freedoms. We focused on issues of social justice, race and bias, access, inclusion, and considered Digital and Data Freedom mainly in the context of the US, UK, and European context.

The work pursued a classic research strategy of reviewing desktop evidence, conducting interviews with targeted respondents, and workshop sessions with experts and citizens to capture their views, perspectives and reflections.

The work concluded that Government has an important role as the last line of defence for human rights and democratic rights, and needs to create structures to protect digital and data freedom. It concluded that Not for Profit is a key part of the system which requires energy, resource and power to grow its work. It also found that corporations (whether Big Tech, classic corporates, small businesses or emerging startups) is where the biggest issues arise, but could also be where the greatest innovation emerges. Finally, the work found that academia is where the thinking through to the rigorous review starts and ends, and it needs more diversity of perspective to help ensure Digital and Data Freedom evolve in a human-centric manner.

You can read the Full Report below

For more information please contact:

Data Digital Freedom DP & SB Report KFSB
Download PDF • 11.05MB

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